Introducing WiFi 6 Access Points

You asked and we listened! Meraki Go’s new WiFi 6 access points empower small businesses with higher speeds and greater capacity. The new indoor (GR12) and outdoor (GR62) access points are up to 3 times faster, which translates to 1 Gbps port speed for your network.

In addition, the WiFi 6 access points provide 2 times the capacity as before, which gives you a stronger signal and longer range. It also means 100 devices can be connected on each access point.

Because it’s Meraki Go, the WiFi 6 access points are easy to set up and simple to manage through our intuitive mobile app and web portal. And of course you will continue to be protected with automatic firmware and security updates from Cisco.

What features are new:

  • 3x faster for 1 Gbps port speed
  • 2x capacity for stronger signal and longer range
  • Connect 100 devices on each AP at the same time
  • Mesh-capable

What strengths remain the same:

  • Simplicity
    Easy to set up in less than 10 minutes, and you can manage your network via the intuitive mobile app or web portal.
  • Security
    Business-grade security powered by Cisco that gives you peace of mind with automatic firmware and security updates.
  • Control
    Ability to adjust traffic limits and block websites per user or network for productivity and compliance.
  • Insights
    Get insights on network usage in real-time to learn more about your customers and improve productivity.

Visit the Meraki Go site to learn more about our intuitive and innovative solutions that support small businesses.