Small Businesses, Stop Getting WiFi from Your ISP

Because of the complexity and costs of starting a small business, most new owners do not give a lot of thought to their WiFi. While setting up your internet access, it probably seems easier to just accept a wireless router from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) rather than exploring other options. However, businesses need more than the standard equipment your ISP offers. There are better solutions out there. A lot better, in the case of Meraki Go.

The quality of your business’ WiFi matters. Largely thanks to the pandemic, we all have a deeper connection to WiFi now. Even in a 2019 study, Google discovered a multitude of sacrifices people would be willing to make in order to have a life free of the annoyances that come from spotty WiFi. For instance, 44% of respondents would rather stand in long lines at the DMV and – gasp! – 32% would give up sex for one month. Clearly people are very serious about their WiFi. 

81% of people using routers from their ISP suffered through issues an average of three times a week

Unfortunately, we seem to have a love-hate relationship with it. That same Google study also revealed that 81% of people using routers from their ISP experienced issues ranging from outages to slower connections during peak hours. Further, people admitted to suffering through these issues an average of three times a week! 

Keep in mind that Google focused their interest on the personal use of WiFi. These issues magnify exponentially when you’re talking about the business use of WiFi. The experience of your employees and customers is everything – both can make or break your business. So whether you’re starting a business or considering an improvement for your existing business, Meraki Go is an elegant solution that’s superior to a wireless router from your ISP in several ways.

  1. Security

    When it comes to your business, we feel that there’s no such thing as too much security. You might get basic security from your ISP, but we treat it as a priority at Meraki Go. One way we protect your business, employees, and customer information from cyber threats is with a stateful firewall. This constantly monitors your network, identifies risks, and blocks anything dangerous. With Meraki Go, you will also enjoy peace of mind (not to mention cost savings) through automatic firmware and security updates. We also offer even greater protection with our Cisco Umbrella add-on. This allows you to see when your Meraki Go blocks security threats and you’ll receive alerts whenever any suspicious devices use your business’ WiFi.

  2. Multiple networks

    When you use WiFi at home, it’s just you and your family. And let’s be honest – even that can be too demanding for the wireless router from your ISP. When you use WiFi for your business, it’s vital that you have a router like Meraki Go. Unlike the router from your ISP,  Meraki Go allows you to create separate networks for management, employees, and customers. That means the owner can run business operations on one network while the employees accept payments through your point-of-sale (POS) system on another network while your customers surf the internet on yet another network. None will interfere with one another and, with the Meraki Go app, you can even set usage limits for each one. This means greater stability and speed for your business’ Wifi.

  3. Guest WiFi

    Not only do your customers get a guest WiFi through Meraki Go, they also get a designated network that’s within your complete control. Within minutes, you can set up a customized splash page for your customers to log in. This prevents anyone outside your business from tapping into your WiFi, which improves its performance and protects your security. In addition to setting usage limits for the guest WiFi, you can also block suspicious websites and even get insights into your customers on the Meraki Go app.

  4. Coverage area

    Most wireless routers from your ISP have a coverage area of only 150 to 300 square feet indoors. With Meraki Go, our access points give you more than 3 times that coverage – an incredible 500 to 1,000 square feet. In addition, you can customize your Meraki Go system to further expand the coverage area of your business, including outdoors. Our outdoor access points are specially designed to perform in challenging climates and tough environments. All of the Meraki Go products work together to keep your business free from any dreaded dead zones. 

  5. Troubleshooting

    Imagine that something has just gone wrong with the router from your ISP – now what? If you’re using it for your business, that likely means driving to your store, trying to figure out what’s wrong, and resigning yourself to a long call with customer service (including on hold). You may then need to schedule a 4-hour window with the cable company to come out and repair it. It’s completely different when you’re using Meraki Go. All your troubleshooting can be done remotely. You’re able to access free dedicated email and in-app support during business hours to solve all of your problems.

  6. Savings

    Because there is no need to go into the office to physically troubleshoot any issues, it can help you reduce your operating costs. In addition, Meraki Go devices have zero subscription or licensing fees. This is in direct contrast to wireless routers from your ISP, where you are likely paying a fee to rent it. Every. Single. Month.

  7. Great design

    Let’s be honest – wireless routers are not normally the most attractive thing in the world. There’s a reason people hide them somewhere. Many times this means tucking them behind furniture or even stashing them in closets, further reducing their efficacy. However, all of the hardware from Meraki Go has a sleek minimalist design that allows them to look great and work well within any business environment. Our indoor and outdoor access points, for example, can be placed anywhere – whether sitting on a table or mounted on a wall. We even include the hardware.

As you can see, there are many reasons to either start your small business with Meraki Go or give yourself a well-deserved upgrade. Beyond everything we’ve already mentioned, there’s also the incomparable ease of Meraki Go. Plug it in, set it up in mere moments with the app, and you’re ready to go. Nothing could be better than that.

Visit the Meraki Go site to learn more about our intuitive and innovative solutions that support small businesses.